First time midi recording

Uh . . . how?

Hi all, I have been using n-track for years, but only for recording audio. I recently got bit by the sampling bug, so I bought a midi keyboard and sampletank le. I have the keyboard hooked up so that I can route it through sampletank and hear it, but I can’t get the midi data to record. Anyone know how I could do this? Thanks.


you need to open the preferences dialog and open ‘Midi Devices’ on the MIDI tab. select your MIDI controller as the input device. Probably a good idea to check the ‘Keep MIDI devices open’ checkbox.

Looks to me like Sampletank works as a VST plugin? Add a New Instrument Channel (Channel menu IIRC) and select Sampletank from the VSTi list (you will obviously need the Sampletank DLL in the NTrack plugins folder or you wont see it there).

In NTrack you will need to Add a new blank MIDI track (similar to how you add a blank audio track). Right click the track and click ‘Properties’. In the Properties window you should see a ‘Record from’ field. Click this field and you should get a drop down. You should see your MIDI controller in the list, so select it. In the output field you should see and select the sampletank instrument channel you added earlier as the output for the MIDI track. Click the LIVE button on the toolbar so that you can monitor what your recording.

There’s a button on the toolbar which shows a microphone (for audio recording), you need to change this so it shows the keyboard (for MIDI recording).

If you press the record button and hit a few keys (you won’t see anything as it is recording as you do with audio) and stop, you should then see the MIDI data recorded and be able to play it back. It might be easier to get this set up and try it with a virtual synth (lots of good free ones like MiniMogue VA and StringTheory) as the output, and have a play with those.

I think I’ve got most of it there, but may have missed something that screws up the whole thing.

Anyway, what you should really do is read

This Thread (this is a link BTW)

There is quite a bit in it in which Bubbagump will cover lots of aspects of MIDI. If you follow it all the way through you will have a good understanding of MIDI (esp in Ntrack) by the end, so I recommend you do this.