First time recording

I just started using this stuff to record and I’m really psyched! However, last night I was recording a bunch of harmony vocals on top of a guitar (a total of 4 tracks i think) and once i recorded the fourth, they were all off. They matched up while I was singing them, but during playback, they weren’t even; the phrases would start and end at different times, even though they didn’t sound like that initially, when I had just one or two tracks. I think this might have to do with latency so I turned the latency down, but it’s still acting funny. Anyone know how to fix this? I am using a M-Audio Mobile Pre with an AKG perception 200 with N Track. Thank you so much.

There was an occasional bug on an earlier build that caused overdubs to go out of sync, but closing the song and reloading solved it as a work around. Which build are you using?

It says build 2193. I don’t know if there are any more recent ones.

I turned it off and on again and it still does the same thing. Is this the program or from not having a fast enough processor?

Hm. Better send Mr. Antonioli a bug alert email. :(