flavio: directX trouble

error in “amgateway.ax”???!!

i’ve tried a few direct x plug-ins (for instance, the n-track compressor and reverb) and every time i go to play the track, a warning comes up that says there’s an error with the file amgateway.ax and then the program closes. anyone else having trouble like this? anyone know what the amgateway.ax file actually does? please help, flavio…anyone!!!
thanks for reading,

ok, well, i solved the problem - i just un-clicked the “multithread directX” option in preferences…but my question still remains: what is the amgateway.ax file? and now a new question: what does “multithread directx” mean?

i appreciate yr time, thanks you guys,
james flames

Amgateway.ax is part of the DirectX runtime in Windows. As for multithread DX, that is an option that only some processors support. It just allows the processor to work to process multiple threads for one process, in this case, multiple threads for each DX plugin rather than one thread. If you don’t know what I am talking about, then don’t worry about it. You don’t miss out on anything by having that unchecked. Either issue, if you spend more than 2 minutes thinking about it, you are working too hard. They are not worth worrying about. Get back to recording… :)