New song - Jamstix on drums!!!

A few people have asked me if I have any songs with Jamstix yet.

This is the first one I’ve finished.
I’ve learnt a fair bit about Jamstix along the way and have another one which I think I’ve used JS better but need to get a female friend to come in to do the vocals for that one…She didn’t like this song so I just put my dodgy vocals to it :)

Anyway, this song Flower has JS for the drums, close mic’d + DI acoustic, DI’d bass and vox through an NT1 and ART DPS preamp.

Any feedback on song or production (+ve or -ve) will be much appreciated.


Thats an interesting song. I like it. As far as production goes, it sounds to me like there is no panning on any of channels, or if there is, its very little. I would seperate them a little, like maybe vocals more to the left, guitar more to the right, and bass and drums ing the middle still. Thats just what I’d do. keep up the good work.