Fly on my sweet angel


I was listening to the radio in the car the other night - Alice Cooper’s show. And he played a version of ‘Fly on my sweet angel’ - but it wasn’t Hendrix’s version - but it was really good. I thought it might be John Mayer. Anyone know who does this?

Either way - what a great song.

i can’t seem to come up with anything for it.

Rod Stewart did a great version…

It wasnt Rod and it wasn’t Jeff Healey. Man I’ve been searching all day. Even joined
Rhapsody - and there are like over a thousand songs with the name ‘angel’.
But it had a lot of modulation sound on the guitar (which I usually don’t like) and the ending was real bizare - kind of a guitar eeking up.
But it was real tight production wise, so I think it must have been fairly recent.
If I could just hear it again. I thought at the time - Man that’s better than Hendrix’s big time.

Well, he does list the songs from the last few shows on his website, but no version of that shows up. He also lists Rod’s cover of it on a “this day” page:

Sure it wasn’t Rod Stewart’s?

He seems to like that song a lot. I suppose someone could ask him.

I asked! :)

With the guitar describing it sounds a lot like Jimi’s version on the Cry Of Love lp.

6th tune from the top


Don’t know of anyone doing it recently.

No No - I know Rod’s version and I know all of Jimi’s versions. This was a white boy with a voice like Mayers and some excellent guitar work to boot. It might not have been Alice’s show as I was flipping through stations. It was Friday night between 11 and 12 midnight. That’s OK - It will be like Ahab’s Moby Dick. I’ll let it go, but if any of you hear it in the future - let me know. You’ll know when you hear it.