Foam By Mail

Hey TimOBrien…
I saw you’re using Foambymail stuff in your pictures for the studio thread and I wanted to know what you thought of the foam as compared to Auralex or HSFAcoustics. I’m dying to purchase some foam but like most of us don’t have much money. Do you find that the quality of the foam or improvement on the sound makes the price cut still worth it? or do you think it’s just cheap and maybe wish you had purchased better foam?


I’m interested in hearing the answer to this one too! ???

The quality of the FoamByMail product is a little bit lower than Auralex - minor little bubbles here and there (never seen the HSFAcoustics product so I cant comment), but from any more than a foot away you wont notice it.

As for sound quality difference… for a couple of inches of foam I seriously doubt there’s going to be that much a difference between the two… at least in the real world.

Sure if I was building a top-of-the-line business studio I’d probably go for a higher-end product, but for my little home studio the couple of hundred bucks I saved were better put into goodies/gear. It was Good Enough for what I wanted to do and would purchase more if I need any; you’re studio is your dime!


By the way, the best product I’ve found to glue up foam squares is a craft glue called Arlene’s Foamtastic Glue. It’s available in most any art or sewing stores for $4 a bottle and one is all you need. Just a little squiggle is all you need and NONE of my squares have fallen off the masonite backing panels since using it. It’s a thick white glue that dries clear and really holds well.

Thanks :) Does anyone else have any experience with any foam products?

Tim-I noticed it seems that the foam pieces are not exactly square sometimes, is this true?

I have used Markertek Acoustic Foam and found it to be effective. It is very reasonable, a 54" x 54" sheet costs $22. Check it out at…rt=prod

Installation was easy. I just mounted it on the gypsum wallboard with #10 capped sheet metal screws every 18 inches or so across the top and a few at the bottom to keep it flat against the wall. This was a temporary mount to see how it worked, but it stayed up so well I never got around to gluing it in place. It has been in place for about 10 years now. It certainly will be easier to remove should I ever want to remove it. Screw holes are easier to patch and paint over than removing glue and retexturing and painting the wall.

To further deaden the room. I recently decided to make up some foam panels I can temporarily hang on the front doors of three laminate-covered cabinets in the room. I will cut 12 inch wide by 48 inch deep panels and fashion some kind of bracket that can hook over the top of each cabinet door. That way I can add the door foam panels during a recording project, but remove them in between projects so the room looks better to my wife. I am using a spare bedroom that serves as an office, study and vocal only studio.

markertek seems a bit overpriced on most of the wedge and tile stuff. the eggcrate foam and corner fills are good prices though. doesn’t say it’s 2 lb foam on the eggcrate foam though…