Fog on the Shore

Yes, I named myself from Salad Fingers

I’m still pretty new to N-Track (I haven’t even registered yet, so please bear with the tri-tone organ for now), but I’ve written a few songs using it. It’s just me playing layered guitar lines and programming in some MIDI, so it’s instrumental rock (post-rock, some would say, but without all of the ambient noise and whatnot). I was just curious what some more experienced N-Trackers thought.

neat stuff.

i especially like the beginning, where the harmonic structure’s a little more “float-y.” once it kicks into the more obvious chords, i feel like things get more obvious.

keep up the good work,



Since you asked, here are some thoughts (feel free to cut me up also! :)

Some interesting parts, but in my humble opinion I would definitely lose the tri-organ sound - sounds very out of place.

Nice guitars around 2:45, I like the change. The intro is a bit long and repetitive though. If you had a drummer play this track it would really make it come alive. The mix and sound quality are nice, no issues here.