Follow-up on the WavePRO topic

Hey all,

I posted a few days back about an eBay auction for an 8-input WavePRO 8/24 sound card setup - in order to be able to simultaneously record 8 tracks (wavs) at once.

Does anybody have any recommendations for any sound card that would be able to do the same? The guy wants $150 + shipping for the WavePRO setup, and I was wondering if there was anything around out there that would be a comparable product - anything at all. When I say I’m on a budget, I really mean I’m on a budget (aren’t we all? :) )

Gadget Labs 824’s are great units… IF you can handle the fact that the company’s been gone for over 3 years, and that the factory drivers stopped at Win 98 and NT. There’s a group of die-hard loyalists who have apparently developed drivers on their own for Win 2k and XP.

The going rate for 824’s is around $150, and it’s a bargoon if you’re willing to wrestle with the drivers, or run Win 98 or NT with factory drivers.

I don’t know of anything else in that price range.

INCA88 - what do they go for these days? There’s also the MAYA1010 (new version)…