Football Fans for Truth

another REAL 527

Oh my, this is a hoot. It is a real 527 started by a couple of lawyers, apparently. The photo on the site alone is worth the visit.

From the page:

Can any true sports fan believe this man?
How Can You Help?
Yes, Republicans have endured the occasional sporting shame. George W. Bush traded Sammy Sosa. Ronald Reagan called sports plays more than he played sports. And Vince Lombardi was a Democrat.

But America deserves a President who knows the difference between an airport and a football field, and who can spook a batter at least as well as he scares a dove.

Football Fans for Truth is dedicated to informing the American sports fan of the great risk that could befall our country.

Dino Panagopoulos, Chairman: “John Kerry is a menace to sports fans everywhere,” said Football Fans for Truth Chairman Dino . "Can we take four years of this? I don’t think so."

Jeff Larroca, Director: "He is not fit to be our sports-fan-in-chief."

Football Fans for Truth is already moving forward with its public education campaign. The organization has ordered a billboard near “Lambert Field” to educate Wisconsin football fans of the threat of a Kerry administration. It will stand through the election.

With additional public support from concerned sports fans, Football Fans for Truth plans to undertake other initiatives throughout the country.