Football songs in full

Ok not strictly nTrack as it was a professional recording studio…but I did the demo’s on N !!!

Well here are the finished products. I had GREAT fun doing these. In fact at points we (me and the engineers) were falling about laughing, especially when recording the ‘commentary’.

We had one day per song to get them finished.

I know Poppa bought one on iTunes, so I asked him if I should put them on SC as paid downloads and I’m going with his advice.

What do you think?



I think the drums make all the difference.
Wynot pro rating = 10.

Why are they named after a day of the week?

Tommy Tuesday and a half.

I added a review on iTunes just now when I got my receipt. short and sweet…

You know how those “English” folk are Tom - they think they can use words like they own the language. It’s exceptional. Joe Friday.

oooo! i wanna play!


jason thursdays and saturdays in smarch, 2112

(three different references in that handle.
can you guess all three?)

one is too obvious.

two are music.

one is tv.

two are before 1978.

one is canadian.

one has roots in portland.

one is partly british.

all three are from enterprises lasting over twenty years.

all three enterprises are active [to some extent] today.
the two music ones are noted for being on opposite ends of spectrum, vocally.
two have stayed intact throughout their tenure.
the one that didn’t was due to copious drug use.

all right, that was a silly waste of time.
i’ve got work to do.
sorry to waste everyone’s time. i zoned out pretty hard there, for a minute.

whew! thanks for confessing your zoneage. For a minute there I thought I was havin’ a flashback to Tuesday, August 1st 1972.

Mad as chairs. :laugh:

Tom I haven’t a clue why ‘wednesday’…I know nothing at all about football…(was just given some facts and figures)… ???


I think it was the 4th of July.

Rush, 2112…


Rush, 2112..

that's one point for tommy tuesday and a half.

This is a great great great,! I can’t help but smile about it. Really good sound, This reminds me of when the Rolling Stones wrote a song for the football club Ruby Tuesday"…They were a pretty bad team so they sang, Good bye Ruby Tuesday…

they weren’t talking about the restaurant?

August 1st 1972 first article exposing Watergate was published.

I think it was the 4th of July. “Saturday In The Park”

Then what was the Bay City Roller’s song “Saturday Night” about?

Quote: (TomS @ May 13 2009, 11:01 AM)

Then what was the Bay City Roller's song "Saturday Night" about?

It's alright for fighting, specially if you play that tune around these parts. :laugh:
Quote: (spreadercraig @ May 12 2009, 5:43 PM)

Mad as chairs.

Tom I haven't a clue why 'wednesday'...I know nothing at all about football...(was just given some facts and figures)... ???



Each team has 11 players on the field at one time.
The offensive team can run, pass, or kick to make points.
The only way a kicker can directly make points is to kick it thought the uprights of the goal posts when trying to score.

The defense of the opposing team tries to stop all those actions.
But obviously for the figures the cheer leaders are the real stars in my eyes! Football in the states only has lady cheerleaders ;)