a store for you

Hey you’ve probably heard me complaining about the snocap music store and google chrome.
I found a new store. signup for a sound station store.
It’s a free setup. They take a cut from your download price, less than SC in fact. And then pay your paypal account. Get a fee checking account with a low balance to catch your payments add that account to your pay pal account and your ready to make millions.

They cover all generas and it’s quick and easy, look pretty cool to. I’m dumping my snocap store, well I’m going to phase it out. Let it sit in the background until it either does something or not. What good is havein a store on main street with the windows blacked out?
Anyway go register, log in and look it over. Up load your tracks, then copy and past your store code to your web page your myspace your cousins myspace pages, blogs, anywhere they will allow it. I think you’ll like it. It gives you control over places like itunes.
This is for you Craig, PW, Nix, TomS lol come on and how could I forget Ange!
I’ve been up all night zzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Some majors who are using this store now:
George Strait, Toby Kieth, Beck, 3 doors down, weezer, Rihanna.

Apparently soundloud and soundstation are separate entities.
They are linked behind the scenes I believe.
But with soundstation you have more options to customize the look of your player/store.
My player/store is a little more colorful than I want but what the heck.
And eventhough I joined soundloud my player says soundstation.
So I guess soundstation is the partent co.
You can offer free downloads from your store as well.
That’s all that I’ve got for you.

Hopefully in the near future some of us can learn how to market our music.
Don’t be shy.
Levi over and out.

Here is another store you can stick on your myspace page or where ever.
This one doesn’t take a cut and has some pretty high quality pro’s using it.
Even players dedicated to religious songs for you skeptics out that a way, if’in you are.,
Anyway here’tis; BANDBOX

I’ve been thinking about selling more and more lately. I love to do what I do in my little room and I have lots of tools and there are certain areas I shine in and most of all I have time. My problem is I love to help folks for free. My bigger problem is I need to have some kind of small income coming in. My business went belly up because of the economy. No biggy really - I didn’t enjoy it at all. 80 % of my customers filed bankruptcy in the last 6 months (large ski and summer resorts) so - I think what I’ll do is start small and build a customer base starting here. I just have no idea where to start. The only thing I feel like I can’t do is solid mixes and mastering, I just don’t have the monitors or the ears for it anymore.