? for KBub

The real deal ?

Are you the same KBub that used to hang out here a couple of years ago, shooting the sh!t with Don Gaynor among other folks ?
If you are, welcome back ! I’ve missed you :)

Naw, man, that old KBub was a loser. I went to his house and stole his avatar. Dude was so messed up. Kept muttering something about Cranesong Dither… Cranesong Dither… I can almost hear it…

Heh - obviously the same guy :laugh:

Yes, KBub,

Welcome back. I miss some of the exchanges we used to have. Come on and liven this place up a little. It needs it.

Frankly, I have forgotten most of the topics but I’d be happy to open them up again.

Don :D