For Poppa W and Diogenes

New Strat Upgrade Kits Available

Saw these Strat upgrade kits this morning and couldn’t help but think about you fellers!

They come in Gold and Black, your choice,

You know you fellers both hold a special place in my heart! (Group Hug!)

Keep going . . . . .

Almost there . . . . . .

Here ya go!


Them there’s fightin’ words pawdna! :cool:

Ah… ha… haaa…

Thousands of comedians outta work and Yaz is tryin’ to be funny… :p

Poppa? Just ignore the ol’ cuss. He’s just JEALOUS! :laugh:


Yea - I know - He likes that Tele though, and we all know a Tele is a Strat wannabe.

Well actually a Tele is a Les Paul wannabe! :)

Thought y’all might like to know I wuz thinking of ya’s this am. i tell ya what, i get no respect! :laugh:

Quit your whining Mr. Dangerfield! :p


I’m rolling and rolling and rolling, now I need a light… 6 string match book.
Sounds good to me!!!



Well actually a Tele is what Les Paul's wannabe! :)

There ya go!

Ohhhhhh noooooooooooooo, mis quoting The Yaz Man!
Turning my words around for your own Poppa W, that’s lowwwwwwwwwwww.

Are you a politician? You running fer some office?

Ya know we lynch politicians here! :laugh:

I see ya done got even with me. :agree: