For the love of god, someone please help me out

Easy fix, having a brain fart

So I have been using NTrack for years and know it pretty well. I used to run it on a laptop just plugging a basic microphone into the laptops microphone jack and got pretty good results. Recently I invested in a nice desktop computer. I tried my same method of plugging right into the computer and the recording was terrible. After researching the situation I went out and bought a USB interface to record through and it got my recordings sounding good again. Except one thing that I just can’t seem to figure out. When I record through my microphone you get 2 tracks recording simultaneously. A stereo recording of 2 mono tracks. However I am only getting a recording through the top track. Nothing is being recorded to the bottom track and on the lower left side I am only getting input through the one (left)track. If someone can tell me how to get it recording on both tracks like it used to and should I would be so very grateful I’d have to send you a christmas card :)I can be reached through this post or at Thanks so much!!!

Under the VU meter is a icon that looks like a hammer - click on it ans select Mono.

I just tried what you said. I got input on both the left and right channels on top of the vu meter. But it only recorded to one track. And when I played it back it sounded high pitched like alvin and the chipmunks ???

For some reason you have lost some of the settings - or the new computer is not set up the same as the old one. The chipmonk sound is most probably a change between the recording speed, the Sample Frequency it was recorded at and the Sample frequance it is playing back at.
In Preferences > Settings > Recording Settings check to see that you are locked into 41000, or what ever frequency you want to use - do you know what you were using before? It May be that your computers built in card does not record at that high a rate and is only taking 22000 - not too usual in todays world, but possible. Anyhow, the rate has to match between the recorded and the playback. If you are playing back the recording using N-Track it should tell you if they do not match.
Changing from mono to Stereo would not cause the error you are having.

Well it’s not a deal breaker. You can record the single mono track then copy it to the second track and then you can pan them. You can also use the offset function to add some depth. For example “0” is default for the offset, on the second track you could delay it 0.01 this will make it sound very stereo when you pan the tracks. Beyond this, you could try ASIO4ALL drivers to see if you can get the same type of recording you mentioned in your post. Using the line in on, onboard sound is hit and miss with regards to duplex audio as most will only record a single track. You can try the mic input or the line in to see if this makes a difference. The drivers you use will decide if you can or can’t do stereo from the input you select.