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cheap DIY mic


I did just this over 12 years ago, for use with a SONY Walkman Pro cassette recorder. Still using them, now with a SONY MD recorder. Total cost, including very cheap no-name headphones, was under US$ 8.

They work very well, even though they’re ridiculously inexpensive. The level and noise is quite acceptable for recording in normal urban situations, and a tad noisy but still very usable in quiet situations like nature recording.

For the musician, they might be useful as a drum overhead or room mic, by placing them on a dummy head or a baffle. Heck, have the drummer wear them :p

In public situations, no-one looks at you twice. Great for getting street ambience, street musicians, etc. Probably not a good tool for stealth-recording a concert, though if they were just hanging around your neck no-one might question it.

For the low price, they are great experimental mics, and you’re not out much if they get wet/broken/stolen. And they are tough… as I said, I’ve had mine for over 12 years.

I have used a headphone to record a Sax with good result in the past, but i dont tweak nothing, only i connect it to the mic-in of the soundcard
thanks the link, it gives more info