For those of you control freaks

who would love your own nation

NationStates. Here is your chance. You can visit my nation first and have a look.…linysia

s. Kyle Davis, The Infamous Fish of Idelinysia

Very funny and interesting site. Started my own nation.



what’s your nation? I want to visit.

The Infamous Fish of Idelinysia

Sweet, visit me in Bubba-opolis. :D

This is disgustingly abhorrent.

You’re playing with the lives of human beings as if they were toys.

With one casual click of a mouse button, you’re affecting the destiny of millions.

One idle whim causes countless numbers of children to ask;

“Where’s Daddy gone Mommy?” or "Why don’t my legs work any more Mommy?"

I’m appalled.

I know the site talks about “virtual” nations, etc., but can’t you realise that these so-called virtual nations are really only manifestations of real alternate universes?

Be ashamed, be very ashamed.

So, just a warning…

Come anywhere near His Imperial Majesty, Ali the First of The Holy Empire of Pamela_Anderson_Clones_ania…

…and you’ll experience an ethnic cleansing you’ll never forget!

HIM, Ali I :angry:

OK you guys have sucked me into this…please visit The Kingdom of Usanthem

Geez, I’m glad I don’t have to LIVE there to RULE IT!! :D :D

TG – Remote dictator

The United States of Dr Guitar

I gotta lower taxes!


Nuts. I tried to fix your link Mike. It don’t work for me.

Yeah 52% is a little steep but still short of the USA…


Should work ???

I just want to know how Democratic Socialists have a motto of “Spend More, Get More.”

It’s “Spend less, get more”.

And who says I’m a democratic socialist? The questions that are asked are obviously narrow in scope. I think you will find that my country will look more and more capitalistic over time. In one day I dropped the tax rate from 71% to 52%. If the program allows, you will see below 15% taxes over time. I personally do not believe in income tax.

But that is another rant…

Thanks for fixing the link…



I’m simply repeating how they describe you on the website. But hey, my place is a “New York Times Democracy”, whatever that is.



The Republic of Brew Devotion is going to take over the world!!!

Not too sure how my cicil rights came out good but political freedoms are below average… will have to work on that one…


Hey maybe we should create an N-track region and move all our nations into there…

Well so far The Kingdom of Usandthem has grown a “strong” economy under tight fisted rule. Maybe dictatorship is not such a bad idea…nah…everybody in the country thinks I’m a jerk! Moustaches and beards drawn all over my state-paid posters and paintings…sheesh! Next thing you know they’ll have the US thinking I am evil and MUST be overthrown! Oh well, AIN’T SKEERED!! :p :p I have a secret weapon that has twice the power of the largest nuclear weapon and it only needs old toe-nail clippings and navel lint for fuel!

Be afraid! Be very afraid!! :D :D


Quote (RichLum @ Feb. 03 2005,06:55)
Hey maybe we should create an N-track region and move all our nations into there....

The new nation "Federation Of Fasoft Fanboys" has been created at:

Federation Of Fasoft Fanboys

password is : ntrack

All are welcome and encouraged to join, regardless of political beliefs or affiliation.

My nation is :

Drowning Hippies



Done JPB! I moved Usandthem into the Federation!

Trade you a box of condoms for some assault rifles? :D :D


Quote (gtr4him @ Feb. 04 2005,13:23)
Done JPB! I moved Usandthem into the Federation!

Trade you a box of condoms for some assault rifles? :D :D


Are you afraid of your assault rifles catching an STD?

Welcome to the Federation!

(I'm still not sure what the point of this thing is, but a bit of silly fun is good for the soul!)


Ever since I had “Doc” work on the plumbing, I don’t need these cases of condoms lying around! I thought I’d trade ‘em to The Drowning Hippies for sumthin’ useful. Never can tell when some assault rifles might come in handy… and you guys are the biggest arms manufacturer in the region!

TG – King Geetar III of Usandthem

'round here we use the condoms like water balloons. The lubricated ones are the most fun.