.Forged Italian documents about Niger

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The plot thickens!

Now the Italian government is claiming that it warned the US about that the Niger documents were forgies - Italy warned uranium dossier on Iraq was fake.

Only problem is that forged documents came from Italy in the first place:


The CIA had still not evaluated the authenticity of the documents when it coordinated on the State of the Union address, in which the President noted that the “British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought
significant quantities of uranium from Africa.”208 Although there is some disagreement about the details of the coordination process, no one in the Intelligence Community had asked that the line be removed.209 At the time of the
State of the Union speech, CIA analysts continued to believe that Iraq probably was seeking uranium from Africa, although there was growing concern among some CIA analysts that there were problems with the reporting.

The IAEA, after receiving copies of the documents from the United States, reviewed them and immediately concluded that they were forgeries.211 As the IAEA found, the documents contained numerous indications of forgery—flaws in the letterhead, forged signatures, misspelled words, incorrect titles
for individuals and government entities, and anomalies in the documents’ stamps.

The documents also contained serious errors in content. For example, the document describing the agreement made reference to the legal authority for the agreement, but referenced an out-of-date statutory provision. The document also referred to a meeting that took place on “Wednesday, July 7, 2000” even though July 7, 2000 was a Friday.

When it finally got around to reviewing the documents during the same time period, the CIA agreed that they were not authentic. Moreover, the CIA concluded that the original reporting was based on the forged documents and was
thus itself unreliable.214 CIA subsequently issued a recall notice at the beginning of April, 2003 for the three original reports, noting that “the foreign government service may have been provided with fraudulent reporting.”215 On
June 17, 2003, CIA produced a memorandum for the Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) stating that “since learning that the Iraq-Niger uranium deal was based on false documents earlier this spring we no longer believe that there is sufficient other reporting to conclude that Iraq pursued uranium
from abroad.”216 The NIO for Strategic and Nuclear Programs also briefed the Senate and House Intelligence Committees, on June 18 and 19, respectively, on the CIA’s conclusions in this regard.217

Question - who forged these doc’s in the first place & why?

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Source of Forged Niger-Iraq Uranium Documents Identified

I haven’t clicked on it…but I am going with…someone Italian?

Quote (clark_griswold @ Nov. 04 2005,11:20)
I haven't clicked on it...but I am going with...someone Italian?

That's a good guess and a very important discovery, because there are some on the left who have been suggesting that the source was American, as in CIA or the executive branch. Of course, no apologies will ever be forthcoming.

Ahhh ksdb is unraveling the mystery - read on The Story That Didn’t Run.

Who is this Italian spy & why did he produce forged documents about yellow-cake in Iraq?

Chef Boyardee and because he hates evangelists, clearly.

Quote (Mr Soul @ Nov. 04 2005,14:46)
Ahhh ksdb is unraveling the mystery - read on The Story That Didn't Run.

Who is this Italian spy & why did he produce forged documents about yellow-cake in Iraq?

Is Dan Rather Italian??

For Rai news, this is Dan Piuttosto saying “goodnight”

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Marla Mapes = Scooter Libby

Quote (clark_griswold @ Nov. 04 2005,14:47)
Chef Boyardee and because he hates evangelists, clearly.

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