Forgot how!

Audio Editing

Been away from this for a while and I forgot how:

Let’s say I have an audio section on Track 1. I want to take out a selection in the middle and have the right and left waves independently movable. In Cakewalk I just split the wave at the points I desire and all the sections are independently movable. How do I achieve this in N?


Edit > Non-Destructive > Splice (I think?)


High-light the selection and press CNTRL-X is one way. There others.

Well guys,

I tried the splice and the ctrl-X (actually did this one before I posted) BUT the problem I am having now is how to separate them. IOW on track 1 I have a wave splitup into 2 [ - - ] but if I move 1 with the 4cross it moves the other one. How do I get it separate?


If this is the way it works it’s time to change! Cakewalk is so easy in this regard. Just select a point to cut and click split (which actually means cut apart as opposed to splice which means connect together). Cake splits at zero crossings. The resulting pieces are movable with no action by me.

Thanks for the help so far :)


If the splice point is linked that can sometimes move together, which is a good thing sometimes. Make sure just one part is highlighted (click away, highlight smething else and go back and single click once the partyou want to move) and you should be able to move just the hightlighted one. You may have to zoom in and break them apart by giving a slight edit to the end of part on the left so they are no longer linked.


Sorry guys I was in build 2008 where it doesn’t work!

Back to build 1980 where it works as expected!

My bad. I’ll go stand in the corner.



Sorry guys I was in build 2008 where it doesn’t work!

It’s working for me in 2008.

EDIT: Hmmm…maybe not. It was working in a day or so ago. I’ll check when I get home. Maybe I didn’t install 2008 yet. I use that functionality regularly.

Hey Phoo,

I did a clean install…I’ll do it again and see it it changes.


I’m willing to bet I DLed 2008 and didn’t install it. :)

Say What?


I find, rather than just clicking on the point where I wish to cut the wave, I select a small section and cut that out. Each piece of the separated wave is then movable independantly. Otherwise the cut sections tend to just join back together again.


The bug in 2008 is that all parts in a track are highlighted when any one part if highlighted - there is no way to select a single part. That causes them to all be moved together. This is new bug or it might be some new functionality that we haven’t figured out how to toggle off yet. That functionality would be that clicking on any one part selects them all when this feature is on, and it defaults to on. Toggle it off and we get the functionality we use to get. I doubt it’s a new feature or Flavio would have it in the change log. Is that bug filed yet? :)

Check the latest build (2012)… I hope Flavio takes time off for Christmas with the family…