Forum Font settings

Is it just me???

Is it just me or did something change on the font settings for this forum, I haven’t changed any settings from here.


I don’t see anything dif…

hurts my eyes in here, must just be my age or sumpin’

need a gray ikon skin

I switched it back to the ugly green skin and can see the print better, maybe it’s just me

Nothing changed on any of the machines I have access to.

One of the “problems” with the forum is that changing the text size in the browser will not change the forum text, so the fact that the font changed probably points to a missing or corrupeted css file. You might try clean out your temporary internet files so all the support files will be downloaded again.

View the source of the frame the forum is in and see what’s what near the top of the page.

Code Sample:

iF :: Topic::Forum Font settings

Thanks phoo, here’s what IE 7 is showing

n-Track Studio Discussion Forum

I see the charset you posted was utf-8" while I’m showing iso-8859-1"

Is that the problem?

No. That’s the main page. You will see that depending on where you select “View Source”.

Right-click in the middle of a message and select “View source” from the pop-up menu instead of from the “Page” menu at the top right of IE7.

The font difference you see is normal, so that’s not it. There can be a different font for every page. I see the same one as you on the frames page.