Forum trouble


The last times I’ve been on the forum have been problematical. Like this:
Login + write reply + quick post = “Sorry, you do not have permission to reply to that subject”.
And all of a sudden I’m no longer logged on, gotta login again. I’m using Firefox.

Has anybody else noticed problems like this one?


Yes, also using Firefox.

Sorry this has never happened to me, I have been logged in for about a year now.
Whether I come hear on this computer, or the one in the studio, it says I am logged.

keep shinin

jerm :cool:

No prob’s here.

Using FF here without problems.

There was an issue a while back IIRC. Deleting the browser’s cookies fixed it.

Got Opera at home, same thing happens. At work FF on XP and on my moms computer FF on Ubuntu, both gave me trouble.

Checking the “remember me” option or not might have something to do with it,too. And letting the browser save the password.
I habitually delete cookies, browser history and so forth.


I’ve had problems any time the ‘remember me’ option was not on. Click it on and all has been good.