Found a bug in the EQ + suggestions

I think I may have found a bug in n-Track 5.1.1 build (the latest version):

I was simply adjusting the track’s own EQ (not a plug-in) in the high frequencies, I highered the 10khz range a little bit while all the tracks were playing, then I simply jumped to another location of the piece near the end to hear what it would sound like with the new adjusted EQ and the EQ suddenly came back to flat (0 db)…

I reopened the song as I didn’t need to save it, and it did the same thing…

The track I was EQing is a stereo track, while all others are mono (if this info can help).

I would also have a suggestion for the tracks own EQs:

- a “undo” would be very appreciated to compare with the previous EQ settings

- and another one that would really be important imo, if I need to copy the same EQ from one track to another (like if I have 2 guitar tracks and I want the same EQ for them individually) I would like to be able to see at exactly where are the EQ nodes located, like let’s say in the high it is at 10000hz and +2.3db, because right now when I put the mouse over the node the exact location doesn’t appear, it appears only when I go anywhere BUT on the node.

Just suggestions.

Hope this helps.



Send the suggeestions to Flavio. There is a link on the first page.

Hi Me-Uzik,

Instead of copying EQ settings, it’s possible to save EQ presets that can be loaded on another track.


I just retried the EQ thing and this time everything seems to be ok…
I don’t know what happened earlier…

And I just discovered that I could select “show all EQ controls” and there they are, the exact locations of the nodes in Hz and db…

I thought I checked everything there was to check, but I guess I was wrong… :wink:

Thanks again,