found a bug

i found a bug that stops a track from playing after you do a mixdown with the replace option on. heres how i got it:

1. i have this song with 2 midi files in it and a bunch of wave tracks. i have one track that is the bass track and its made up of parts and so i want to mix it down to have one complete wave file, no pieces.

2. ok so it gets mixed down and becomes the last track in the song. from here it plays perfectly fine.

3. now if i change its color back to black and move it to the track number it was at before it wont play, the file is solo’d but it wont play back, and the file is not corrupt.

if you move the track up or down and then back again, the file will play again. but i thought id post this just incase someone might be having probs.

Hey checkout build 1791.:slight_smile: