found a neat mic at the goodwill

can’t find a manual

An EV 926 crystal mic, like this:

EV 926 crystal mic

Sounds pretty cool on electric guitar, and I tried it on snare too, and that sounded pretty hip. Gotta try it on harmonica, of course. :D EV doesn’t have a manual for it up in their legacy support. :(

Looks pretty cool - old school :D

You tried calling EV? Maybe they’d send ya one.

Looking forward to hearing it.


Nice one Tom, crystal microphones were much sought after for communications purposes years ago (PA systems, ham radio etc.)
They generally have a very high impedance, in the order of hundreds of kilohms and also quite a high output.
Bass response is particularly lacking, as you will probably have already found out.

I would doubt that any modern amplifier would have an input that would be a suitable impedance match for a crystal mic.


It lacks low end, yup, that it sure does. I stuck it into a direct box set to pickup, and it worked pretty well, although I had to do the ground lift, or else the hum was out of this world. I do have two old PA amps, one tube amp I got a couple of weeks ago, the other a mid 70s solid state, bet the first would be the ticket for a bit of harmonica. I will say this - even lacking the low end, I was surprised by the openness of the sound. It’s omni, and that helps, I’m sure, but I sort of expected it to really blur transients, and it doesn’t, at least not as much as I thought. It plus a 421 on guitar amp really made a nice combination.

Hotdog - EV has a couple of legacy manuals on their website - but not this one…


EV discontinued mics

Lots of good manuals for old mics here, including my favorite EV, the neighbor of the beast:

Vintage Broadcast Mics

Newsflash - EV DOES HAVE IT:

926 mic info
Seek and ye shall find!