FRANKENstein running?

Since Dayton the flake is not running for the MN seat, the story is Franken will run.

Mike, this must make your heart bleed with joy, no?

Mike, this must make your heart bleed with joy, no?

It got mentioned yesterday on his show. I have mixed feelings about it. Franken has no experience in this area, and he's a comedian (which never stopped anybody from getting into politics). I think his role is better on the talk show, plus he may get beaten bad if he runs.

Mr Soul
Quote (Mr Soul @ Feb. 10 2005,10:26)
plus he may get beaten bad if he runs.

Mr Soul

God or Allah willing!!


He says he’s going to announce today.

Has he yet? My XM isn’t working here at work for some reason today.

Not yet but it sounds like he’s building up to it. For the record - I think it’s a mistake.

I agree. It would be viewed as a joke, not only here in MN, but nationwide.

There are viable candidates on both sides of the aisle that are being mentioned. When Franken was mentioned, it was in the same breathe as Ventura. that tells you something right there.

“I am not running for Senate in 2006. Minnesotans are serious about politics and it would be silly,” Franken said.

Just heard it (I’m streaming). It wasn’t that short, but it sounds like he’s really considering 2008.

Clarification - I think Franken could make a good Senator, I’m just against him running now because Air America would die.

Mr Soul

Quote (Mr Soul @ Feb. 10 2005,10:26)
It got mentioned yesterday on his show.

You watch the Al Franken show?!? That's like a *million* times worse than me reading the Drudge Report! :D :laugh: :D

You’re not serious - right?

Quote (Mr Soul @ Feb. 12 2005,14:24)
You're not serious - right?

Oh geez... Mike... Let's just not go there, OK?

OK - so you’re not serious right?

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OK - so you're not serious right?

No. I am serious, but I really don't feel like having another debate of attrition with you.

That’s the problem John - you & I don’t have debates, we just have confused, misguided conversations. As I recall, you eventually apologized to me for one of our past misguided conversations, but only after another member explained to you what I was saying.

IMO The Al Franken Show is “better” than the Drudge Report because it’s more up front w/ it’s views. Sure, they are both politically motivated: Franken -left, Drudge - right. The Drudge Report pretends to be a “news” outlet, but he’s really a muck-raker. The Drudge Report is so biased to the right that it’s ridiculous.

On the other hand, Franken makes no bones that his show is liberal but his main goal is to accurately present the liberal point of view & to debunk the right-wing smear/lie machine. So Franken debunks Drudge, and Drudge just shows angry pictures of Franken on his site in the attempt to make Franken look “crazy” (like I said - MUCK).

Mr Soul

AL Franken delivers op/ed pieces, right?

The Drudge website is a collection of links to valid news sources, such as yahoo, cnn, etc… We’re talking apples/oranges here.

The Drudge website is a collection of links to valid news sources, such as yahoo, cnn, etc... We're talking apples/oranges here.
Come on John - who puts this "collection" together & what's their agenda? Who decides what unflaggerting pictures are used? Who decides what titles are used to the actual links? The Drudge site is about as political & as biased as they come.

Franken is more than just op-ed peices. Have you actually listened to it?

Both are political media outlets & in that sense they are the same.

So then it becomes apparent that you do not understand the difference between op/ed and a real news story…

Just humor me a bit… Here’s a link to the Drudge “Recent Headlines” page:

Drudge Recent Headlines

Just have a look and tell me where you see links to less than credible news sources, and more importantly, please point out this horrible campaign to smear the Democrats that you keep talking about. I just don’t see it here…

Now on the other hand, if you wanna see something truly biased, go to :
They hate Dems with a passion, and it’s obvious.

But, Drudge? I don’t get it.

No I understand that Drudge links to “real” news stories but he also does his own “investigative” reporting too. It’s all right-wing biased & is often wrong, e.g., Kerry intern story that wasn’t true. Drudge changes the wording on the link to fit his bias, often times in a very misleading way.

But Franken discusses real stories too, but he ADMITS that he’s not a reporter or journalist.

So Drudge is worst because he’s tries to hide the fact that he’s a not a journalist. Drudge is CRAP! And his most of his personal links are to talking heads like Ann Coulter.

Mr Soul