Free For All

KvR Monthly comp entry

I’ve entered this months KvR again, with another full NTrack piece - my first using only v4.

I’m generally pleased with the way it turned out as it goes. Some things could probably be tightened up, but within the time constarint I hope I’ve got away with it!

It’s here if you want to listen…


Really good :) Reminds me of “Canary in a coalmine” with the Police.
Not a bad thing :p

Keep up the good work!

Kind regards Henrik

I really admire your songwriting. You have catchy hooks and very stylish sound. The recording is done very well. The guitar soundfonts sound pretty solid.

Thank you! I ended up 35th out of over 80entries - competition was stiff!

I’ve entered again this month too! (There’s a thread for it…)

thx again!


It’s cool you competed, however I’m not so fond of music as a competition, because I don’t listen to music as competitive event. Scoring should strictly be a way of putting the musical notes on a sheet of paper.:laugh:

I don’t enter for the win/lose - tho’ I always find the final vote fun…

Thru’ the month reviews and suggestions are posted which can help with getting mixes right, genres, etc. Also, I like the challenge of it: must be <=2min, and adhere to a given theme - written in 3 weeks, so the last week of the month is voting week. Getting something composed, arranged, performed, mixed and posted within those confines is character building! It has meant that I have learnt more lessons more quickly than I otherwise would have, and I have a collection of around 12 new short tunes from the last 15 months which I otherwise wouldn’t have.

Other than that, yes I agree - competitions suck when it comes to art, but using a competition as a means to further my ability is something I enjoy, especially when ones efforts are then subjected to ones peers…