Free midi file download sites?

Hi all,

Anyone have any suggestions of good free midi download sites?

I’m specifically looking for a .mid file of Norah Jones “Come Away With Me”.

Can find plenty of “Don’t Know Why” but not the song I want


Vanbasco is great, and I always use to it find something specific. Unfortunately, it doesn’t locate that track.

Neither did a Google, or a couple of other midi search engines.

Hmmm, tough one to find.

Music Robot, but that tune appears to be a no go out in cyber space. Wouldn’t you rather this tune?

Quote (Bubbagump @ May 24 2005,08:39)
Wouldn't you rather this tune?

Now, that's what I'm talking about ...


Quote (Bubbagump @ May 24 2005,22:39)

Wouldn’t you rather this tune?

Not entirely suitable for a wedding :)

Good song though.

Although it is a bit stereotypical when you go overseas and they play it at the aussie tourist bars and they expect every australian to sing along whilst pissed. (Which usually doesn’t take too much arm twisting…)