free sample player that actually WORKS in ntrack?

Hey all;

I am trying (in vain) to play a sample using ntrak. I have a MIDI track that I am outputting to a VSTi channel but I can’t find any sampler that actually WORKS! I’ve tried Helios (no sound), Morpheus (wrong sound) and a few others that lock or crash ntrak. I am trying to use the sample (and have it set up) just like using soundfonts (I successfully use sfz). Is this the right way to do it?

Can any one help me out?


Computer Music Magazine puts out a free sampler with every issue CD (OK, you have to buy the magazine… $14). Check your local Borders or Barnes&Noble, they all carry the mag.

It works, I’ve used it before.

I’m using ShortCircuit it works great.


OK I’ll give Shortcircuit free a try. I had to search all over the internet totfind a download site!!

I’d gladly get the Computer Music mag, but they don’t carry it locally.

OK, I’m obviously doing something wrong here. I tried ShortCircuit free and I get sound, but it only plays one note every few seconds (seems random), and it’s the same note (the one I used for the smaple) each time. Is there a tutorial somewhere or can somebody guide me through this?


There’s a free “basicwaveplayer” at this link:

Aaron Cavanaugh site

It’s not a sampler specifically, but it might do the trick. No guarantees of course. Good luck.

Hi tempus. Is your second name Fugit? Ha ha. I believe that the well-known free soundfont player sfz will also play sfz format sample definition files, standard wave files (.wav) and compressed ogg-vorbis files (.ogg). Many n-Trackers use it to play soundfonts inside n, so it should work OK in n with waves. It’s free, one of the places you can find it is here:
Good luck, cheers

My last name is indeed fugit. Thanks for the replies. I use sfz frequently - didn’t know it did wav file too. I’ll have to try it


Hey tempus,
I’ve used Loopazoid successfully for triggering wav samples (drums in my case) in N-track via MIDI. It’s here.

HTH! :cool:



I’ve gotta be doing something wrong here. sfz works fine for virtually everything but this wav file. Is sfz supposed to be able to play wav files the same way it does soundfonts? Specifically, I’m trying to send a MIDI sequence to sfz and have the sound come out as the wav file I’ve loaded in. Is this right? Does the wav file have to be a certain/limited length? I know there’s gotta be a way to do this.