Free show all running processes Utility

Show running Processes and shutdown

Nice free utility to find out what processes are running and shutdown the ones that are not needed before recording.


It displays the list of all processes currently running on your system. For each process, you can view the list of all modules (DLL files) that the process loads into memory. for all processes and modules, additional useful information is also displayed: product name, version, company name, description of the file, the size of the file, and more.
In addition, CurrProcess allows you to do the following actions:

Change the priority of a process.
Kill a process.
Dump memory of process into a text file.
Create HTML report containing information about a process with the list of all modules that it loads into memory.
Save the list of all running processes into text or HTML file.
Copy process or module information to the clipboard.


One we use at work (free)

This one will also allow you to find processes that are holding files open.
Very useful if an app crashes.

So are these better for the “average Joe” type like me as compared to EndItAll? I’m very happy with it, but, hey, if somethings better, I’m all over it! :p