free vst guitar tuner

help me please…

anyona knows where can i download a

big thanks

There’s one floating around I think it’s called (autotune) from what I’ve heard it works wonders, even works on out of pitch vocals!
Stick around, someone will post the link soon enough,

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Did a quick google search and found this.

I think it’s only DirectX, but there’s adapter available VST shells for DirectX FX.

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I’ve found this one. I can’t get the tuner on n-track to work

autotune and software like it are meant for taking a recorded track and correcting notes by pitch bending them.

i think what fleow is looking for is an application that will act like a chromatic guitar tuner and aid in tuning up the guitar. am i correct?

digital guitar tuner looks interesting… but it is not a plugin (which could run from inside a host application). i had one a long time ago, but it didn’t work too well for me (graphics were very jittery and made it difficult to tune)… perhaps i will look into this again.

Well, just went to Don’s link and lo and behold, it’s a digital guitar tuner, thanks Don, now I can join the ranks of the in tune musicians!..tee hee

There’s an online tuner at
It kind of gets lost on my Explorer window sometimes so you might have to dig for it on your screen once you open it.
It looks like a goal post at the bottom left of the page.

This isn’t VST, but it’s a really good tuner, methinks…


The n track one works fine for me…
Otherwise probably best to just use a standalone app or web page.

Why do you need it to be a VST?


I think the OP is looking for a TUNER, not a pitch correction app.

FYI, I recently ‘upgraded’ my ancient hardware tuner (Boss TU-12) to the newer model Boss TU-80. My TU-12 was in dire need of retirement because it mainly relies on analog electronics and thus was getting out of adjustment from more than 20 years of hard use and abuse (BTW, how do you tune a tuner? :D ).

The TU-80 tuner is digital, fast, reliable, rugged (important, see above), and comes with a built-in metronome. It set me back about $50.

If you want a free VST instrument tuner you could do worse than download the C-Plugs series. It contains three VST plugins for measurement, the tuner, a spectrum analyser, and a phase correction meter and stereoscope. It is found here.

Personally I prefer a hardware tuner, but I’ve used this a couple of times for checking the tuning on VST instruments, for instance.

regards, Nils