Freebie audio to MIDI utility

Anyone have one they like?

Basically I am looking for something that will detect audio and convert it to MIDI to do replacement on a few things. (Thicken up bass parts with synths etc.) Anyone have somehing they have used, like, and is cheap/free?

I’ve used AudioToMidi a couple of times. I got it to convert an acoustic (fingerpicking) guitar part into a useable midi file without too much hassle. I had to do some tweaking afterwards, but not much really. I used the result for adding a sampled dulcimer overdub to double the guitar part (I didn’t have a real dulcimer handy, nor anyone who could play it).

The quality of the resulting midi file basically depends on what you put into it - check intonation, noise, and tempo, as they all affect the results.

regards, Nils

Perfect, thanks. With this and Tobybear PeakFreak, me thinks I can go crazy with replacement and layers.