Freeze files lost when converting midi > wave

A cautionary note

Just a note of caution to ntrack users regarding conversion of midi to audio. Tonight I was working on a project that had a couple of frozen tracks, and a couple of midi tracks that were controling VSTi instruments. I decided to render one of the midi files to audio, so I selected TRACK > MIDI > CONVERT TRACKS TO WAVE FILE. When the conversion wizard started, n-track appeared to have a problem calling up my windows audio control panel, and in the process deleted the freeze files from the song. I was finally able to find the original unfrozen wave files and reconstruct the project even though the wave file names didn’t match the freeze-file names. But I was really bouncing off the walls for a while because I had been working with this project for a long time, and I thought I had lost it. So my advice is – If you haven’t use the midi>wave conversion function before, experiment with something you don’t care about losing the first time you use it.

I spoke too soon. When I saved and re-opened the project, n-track also wiped the original audio files (the original wave files for the tracks that had been frozen). The project is basically a total loss. Now I’m concerned that the .sng file itself is corrupt, and I will have to start from scratch again.

I just got a bit to confident in n-tracks stability and neglected to do proper backups. That won’t happen again.

We’ve had several discussions about the MIDI conversion wizard before and it’s behaviour certainly does need to be understood before committing anything important to it.

It’s whole purpose for existing is a little weak nowadays… VSTi tracks are automatically included in a mixdown anyway, and if I use an external MIDI module it’s easier to just hit RECORD. So I’d only use the conversion wizard if I was using my soundcard’s internal sounds… which I don’t.


Thanks Mark A. The only reason that I wanted to convert the midi file to wav was so that I could use the automated pan/volume controls that you draw on the time line, and I couldn’t get that to work for the midi file. So I thought to use the wizard to covert to wav and then the controls would work. Bad idea

I’m a bit hesitant to start a new thread on this BUT there is something that I learned here that generalizes, and might save some of you from some grief…

If n-track loses a freeze-file, and asks if you wish to search manually for the file, DO NOT point the track at the original wave file. If you do, everything will be OK until you unfreeze the track. When you unfreeze a frozen track, the freeze-file is deleted. If the frozen track points to the original wave file, the original file will be deleted. The deleted file is not sent to the recycle bin, so it is completely lost.

What you SHOULD do is to select “NO to continue”, then delete from the timeline display the tracks that had been frozen, then save the project, then reopen, then import the original wav files into the project.