Freeze or Bounce: kills output sound


Running 4.2 build 2090…noticed that if I freeze a track or bounce a track to a single wave file, after that operation the output goes to a “mute” state. I play files, and see the output VU meter bouncing along, but I get nothing in my headphones, no output sound. Once I stop/restart n-Track, all is well.


I suppose it could be a bug… but it sounds like a driver issue to me. I have not had that happen on my system running an EMU1820M. I have spotted a “Freeze” related bug though. If I have more than one group channel in a project and attempt to “Freeze” it… if the channel is Group 1 it will freeze OK. If I attempt to freeze Group 2, it will freeze Group 1… Group 3 freezes Group 2 etc… I have not turned in a bug report though… shame on me. Anybody else spotted that one?


EDIT: BTW, freezing an individual channel seems to work fine.