Freeze problem

Tracks going out of sync

I have a weird problem - I think it used to be fine, but now when I freeze a track, it often goes out of sync with the rest of the tracks. Unfreezing it and it’s fine again. I assume it is something to do with the latency of the plugins…

Anybody got any clues why?

Hi Wingee:
In the Settings>Preferences>options… You might want to try placing “check-marks” in multithread audio processing and compensate plugins latensey… It might help to expirment with those features… ???


There have been problems in the past with freezing tracks that had sends to AUX groups not being in sync. Not sure if that is fixed.

One thing I noticed the other day (which may be related to your problem) was this:
I had a bunch of vocals tracks all being sent to group 1.
I comp’d these together and then did a mixdown with fx turned off.

I imported the comp’d vox wav and routed it to group 1 and it was out of sync with the rest of the song.
When I had the fx turned back on the plugin latency was 8960 samples so I shifted the wav by this many samples and it was in sync.

Not sure if it was cuase I was using a group or the group was using the AUXes…