Friguys Manual improvment Thread

Ideas/things needing updating in Manual

Howdy all. After some discussion in another thread with other N Track lovers. It has been thought starting a suggestion thread for updating needs in the Manual might be a helpful thing to have. So here it is.
If you see things in the manual that are either needing a change to get with the new versions or things that may be missing or helpful to have in it, Please put your suggestions here. I’m sure Flavio is a very busy man so hopefully this will be a help and not an annoyance. And please try to be positive if at all possible.
Gregory Friguy

Hi Friguy:

I think your idea is great…
Seems to me, threads like this were done in the past, in earlier version-and-builds…
it would go along Hand-in-Hand with New Features…


Hi Friguy,

I agree that a significant update to the manual would be a good thing. I’ll get around to doing it within the next few weeks, as soon as we’ll release the final 1.0 Mac version.
It would indeed be nice if you could suggest improvements in specific areas of the manual.



Told ya he’d be pissed, Friguy. :)

Well hey what do ya know. It might be helpful after all. Now I need to get into the manual again (I know it’s a big territory). As I stated to some others before, I just finished re-reading it last week but made no notes on what was needing attention. So I’ll be doing some time again in the next few days and encourage others to keep an eye peeled or even give it a good once over as well. Thanks for the nod Flavio.
The rest is all gravy.

Of course, I don’t look a the manual, I just ask people here. Probably not the smartest way of doing things. :laugh:

It’s been a busy few days for me but I have been looking through the manual at times and making some notes. I’ll start posting them soon but I want to have a more than a few and to check other areas to be sure I’m not jumping the gun on some things to see if they are covered in other areas and things like that.

Flavio and Friguy, I would comment that if you cannot find something under what seems to be an obvious heading, then that is something that could be fixed by a cross reference/search type menu. Stated differently, it would be nice to type a topic or term into a search field and have the search list descriptive hyperlinks for several places that address the topic. This type of search is available in a lot of software now, and would be a major improvement in the ability to find information.

I have made no secret that I am not very good with N_Track and MIDI. I would like to see a tutorial, along with illustrations on setting up to record to midi from a keyboard. I can find the information in the Help, but a step-by-step might be useful. When I record to MIDI I usually find it easier to use another program that is dedicated to MIDI, so the use of Faders and assignments is more clear cut (to me anyway.)

Uh - so no one has any suggestions . . .?

Id like the option to buy a printed version of the manual…so I can read without having to be at the computer

I guess I could always print it out, but at 103 pages Id rather pay for a finished product!