Frikkin Cold!

Checking on all n-trackers up north

Jeezzzz, just saw the air temps and wind chills for the northern states and Canada, hope all you n-trackers are staying warm up there. First actuall cold snap for us in the Carolina’s, 20 degrees this a.m. with wind chill of 5 degrees. But up north, holy moly.

All you strat buddies like Tom and Wozz, Stay “inside” and play dem strats! I know I give you grief about strats but Hey, you’re guitar players so you be A-OK in my book!

Hey I may have to move further south than TG to keep me old bones warm. :D

-5 F here this morning, that’s -20 C for Bill, -25 F windchill, that’s -31 C, or…

A balmy 252 K with a windchill of 241. :)

And school was cancelled today, so I don’t have to go to work! :D

Jeez, what should I do with the free time?


Hey I may have to move further south than TG to keep me old bones warm.

I vote we publish some of Tom’s tunes so he can afford an island in the Caribbean. How about it Tom? We could start a commune or something. Call it the guitar wankers warm climate island commune. "GW2-CIC"


Seems to be something like -7°C out at the moment. Most of the January we had temperature above Zero and no snow, then we got colde weather and some snow, during the weekend it went up again and it rained water…

I don’t think they cancel the school here, ever, at least if the temperature’s over, say -40°C… We’re supposed to be used to these kind of things. :blues:

Heh. Here in Alabama, ONE snow flake falls from the sky and the whole state shuts down. Everybody raids the store for milk and bread and locks themselves in like the apocalypse has arrived or something. One day a few years ago, in the mid-afternoon, the Weather Service issued a winter storm warning. Our city school system immediately responded by closing school early. 15 Minutes early… IDIOTS!


Tom, yer chilling me bones with those temps! Sounds like a music studio, plug up the strat, play around with the new toy, count how many mics you have in your microphone arsenal day to me! :D

D, what an excellant idea! “GW2-CIC” LOL!

Mwah, northerners used to tell me they went skinny dippin on days like this?

Wife left for work and informed me empty trash cans blew away to neighbors yard, went to fetch and nearly froze in the wind. Next time will tell wife to get 'em herself. Then spend night at Budget Inn. :p

-19 F when I got up at 5am today. Windill of -32F to -40F depending on where you are…


We were at -2 F this AM. My poor little Toy-oder barely turned over. All the kids are out of school so they don’t freeze to the pavement. I loved BS “too cold to go to school” days.

See, now Clark lives where it gets really cold.

Hey, D, when I lived in Little Rock, 4 years in a row we had snow, closed everything for days, and a good thing too - I saw one woman have chains (!) put on her tires and then she proceded to put the car in the ditch on the way out of the tire store. :)

Frankly, I think they closed school here not because it is so cold, but because the school superintendant is in deep doo doo for putting the district far into the red, not buying school supplies (yet! - some of the folks don’t have the books they are supposed to have! Is this the USA?) and hiring his buddy at 110,000 a year who turned out to have a felony conviction for sexually molesting a 3 year old. And the #### school board still supports the moron.

So we moved to a charter school.

It’s been absolutely freezing here for the past month. Drops into the 50’s most evenings, and drops even further at night into the 40’s. Last week we even had a frost and now most of the trees in the neighborhood have turned brown, I ain’t seen that in a long time. Doesn’t seem to bother the cactus or palm trees though, I reckon they must be made of sterner stuff.
But if the weather don’t improve soon, I’ll have to start wearing long pants and socks. :cool:

Quote (Gizmo @ Feb. 05 2007,14:35)
But if the weather don't improve soon, I'll have to start wearing long pants and socks. :cool:

:D :laugh: :D
It's all about perspective. I recommend avoiding Minnesota & Michigan for a couple of days :)

No offense to our Minnesotan and Michigan brethren… but I hope to avoid those places for a lot longer than a couple of days!

If anything, I’d go further SOUTH. Might like to go visit Marcelo. He is near Brasil I think… they are HOT down there brother!


Quote (YazMiester @ Feb. 05 2007,11:29)
Mwah, northerners used to tell me they went skinny dippin on days like this?

Not that much here. Some people go swimming to holes in the ice. Never tried, although it's supposed to be extremely healthy (especially for the heart). I prefer the big indoor swimming pool nearby...

The Nordic winters are for sitting indoors, close to the fire, with a Gretsch & a glass of red wine within reach :;):

Tim - Marce is in Argentina, isn’t he? I’m told that’s several inches away from Brazil… If you go far enough south in that area (Argentina & Chile) you will want to go back north again :)

Ah… you may be right about Argentina. Maybe I was thinking Brasil but meant Buenos Ares? Dunno… you’re right though. The Punta Arenas, Chile area is not my cup of tea either. The weather can get nasty there too. I think maybe mmm… Ecuador.


PS Aw heck… let’s just go to Kerguleun and play rock and roll for the penguins while the rocks roll…

Why Brazil? I seem to remember that you think ol’ Alabammy is plenty hot enough for most of the year.

Unlike our weather, I am not fickle. I like boring. I want it to be hot or cold, preferably moderately warm. This flip flopping crap drives me poor old sinuses bonkers. I have already had three sinus flare-ups this year.

D – keeping the Kleenex tissue people employed year-round.

Just don’t go down there to the southern hemispere, it’s just too confusing.
They’re all six months out of sync with us, and that makes it August I reckon.
But is that last August or next August? ???
If it’s last August then that might be worth a revisit…there was this one cute hoochie mama… :D
But next August, forget it, that’s when my biannual ear-hair plucking is due. :(


But next August, forget it, that’s when my biannual ear-hair plucking is due.

D@#N Giz! only biannual? I have to attack the lobe forest once a month or so! :D