Frontier Tranzport

Anyone using it with n?

Anyone using the Tranzport yet? I searched but didn’t find any topics here. Just wondering- gonna pick one up @ guitar satan tonight, I’ll letcha know how it works.


I bought it and installed it and it comes with preset configs for a slew of DAW’s, but alas ntrack isn’t one of them. I don’t feel like programming tonight, so I’m not going to make a config for it. Works great in Sonor! I sent an email request to Flavio to check into supporting it. A great little box, and indispensable for those of us with separate control and tracking rooms. Sure beats the wireless mouse cr@p! Got it for $179 @gc.

Frontier Designs Tranzport


Hi, We’ve got one at work where its used with audition its nicely made. It will be interesting to see if you can get the display to work with n-track.
Please let us know how you get on.The US price looks good I think ours cost us about £180.