fruity loops support


Well, I was going to say…

I use an old snare drum stand with a breakfast tray from the Dorchester Hotel glued on top.

It’s solid, stable and secure, and will withstand tremors up to 7.2 on the Richter scale. (Probably).

There’s room for the box Fruity came in, plus space for the CD, manual, registration card and all the other crap.

And, there’s still space for an ashtray and a beer glass.

…But, as you withdrew your question before I could read it, I won’t. :(


Wise a*s - you just did :laugh:

You guys are Dawgs… lol… He’ll never ask anymore questions up here, again… :p :D

Anyway, I’m workin on saving my coins… I’m getting that Drumagog Plug… It’s just the plug that I can use to replace the Roland D-5 Samples I’m useing now… These samples aren’t that ugly, but ya have to have something “Fresh” to insert into your tracks… This Drumagog ain’t Cheap… And either are the Samples… But I hope to try Tom Hick’s Samples… I’m wondering if they can be used in Drumagog? Does anyone up here know? ??? :O

There… That’s my question for today… :p


i forget.

…and the purple cow jumps over the blue mooooooon.


it’s all making sense now.


Good question but I’m not sure if Nirvana used FL on this album.

Oh, wait.


Okay, go.

OK Thanks! :D

(Man, I was gettin’ tired just sittin’ here…)



But, then again…

… maybe not?

I thought so

Man! I HATE when that happens!

as always…

a bit frustrating…