Frustrated Please Take Pity (HELP!)

Everything records on new track

Alright guys, this is turning into a late night and I am getting frustrated. I am sure this is a simple question but my mind is to burnt to think anymore PLEASE HELP. As some of you know I just wiped my computer and did a reinstall of everything from the ground up, including N-tracks now when I am recording a new track it records all of the other tracks as well. So I am listening to the whole song…in headphones while miking my amp and playing a guitar line…sounds good…now I go back and listen…the new guitar line has everything recorded on it…drums, synth, EVERYTHING. What do I have set up wrong here??????

You probably have “What you hear” recording option set in your windows volume control panel. Check that first. Some Creative labs cards I know for sure offer that option in the Recording Controls section.



I have a SBLIVE! 5.1 card. Was working fine before I did a full wipe clean of computer. I looked at the playback contol options/properties and didn’t see anything that would record what I am hearing.

For more info, I have a amp with a mic in front of it that goes into a small mixer then into my soundcard. I am listening through a headphone jack on the front of the amp. Any other places to check settings?

Go back to your Volume control / Mixer

Options->Properties->select RECORDING instead of PLAYBACK

You will see the “WHAT U HEAR” is selected as the Recording source.

Change that to LINE IN

I don’t have “What you hear” as an option. Listed unde recording are:
CD Player
Line In
Mono Out
Wav out mix

Line in is selected. It is recording my line in but also still recording all other tracks to the new track

Deselect or turn down the volume of the “Wav out mix” option. That IS the ol’ “What you hear” thing. Just fancier terminology.


PS Are you feeding the output of your soundcard back to the little mixer? If you are, there’s a real good chance thats where the trouble lies. Follow all your signal paths. You’ll find the problem.

Just a note to a fellow SBLive! Platinum5.1 user.

I found that the kx ASIO driver set works wonderfully on my SB system.

The other replys here are valid but I do like the Kx system for DAW work. DAW:=NTrack :O

Just a thought


Kx Site:

Sweeeet. Thanks for the info. I will make this change as soon as I get home. I am not feedintg the soundcard back to my mixer at this time so this should be a pretty simple fix. Thanks for the info on those drivers. I am about to get an M Audio 24/96 card though. I hate that the SB LIVE! only sees 4800 instead of 4100 arg!

Yea the 48000 sample rate threw me for a while but I found that when constucting a song I keep everything in 48k until the final mixdown for CD mastering.

Then it is downsampled to 41100 for burning to CD.

I even have my reverb impulses in 48k. that way nothing is lost in multiple resampling up and down and up and down…


looks like wav out mix is off on my work machine (by default) If off is the default then I have another problem…I hope not as this would be an easy fix. can’t wait to get home and try it, this has brought my recording to a stop :frowning:
The M Audi 2496 is only like $100 and seems to have only good remarks, I hope it works out well for me.

I was having that problem when n was set to record stereo: 2 mono tracks! anybody else have that happen?

Cheers ???

Yea, I get two mono tracks everytime I record and always end up deleting one…is there a place to set that so it only records one track?

Click the hammer icon on the Recording Vu meter. Set the way you want n to handle the soundcard inputs from there. Piece O’ cake!


Like TG said, “The Litle Hammer”. Only if you are using ASIO drivers your are not given the choice of “Mono”.

Did you find the “Wave-Out” selected in your recording mixer?


Alright I don’t see that option. I go to:
SBLIve Playback control,options, Properties, recording
And I have these options:

Stereo Mix
*CD Audio

I put a star next to the ones that are checked. PLEASE HELP!!

Alright, turned out I had to open not the windows control but a seperate set of software just for creative SBLIVE and change record to line in there, everything working fine now- thanks so much for the help/support guys- going to go do some recording now :wink:

We all thank Creative very much for their unending Creativity. :)

(you may detect a bit a sarcasm in my voice if you listen closely)