Full version gone in current versio

Pro features of 8 are missing

I paid for the full version of 7 before the idea of a subscription appeared, and when v8 was released I read that owners of 7 would not have to pay the full A$46.99, as long as v7 was on-device when v8 was

It seemed to work in the first few versions, but this version 1.1.4 there is no way to Restore Purchases for the Pro version.

Tapping the link just opens a webview fof the app store link for the Pro version, with no option to Restore.

Can someone clarify?

If you purchased the previous version the new version would activate itself in Pro mode up until the 31st of January 2017. After that date to continue using the Pro version you can either purchase the monthly subscription or instead purchase n-Track Studio 8 Pro for a one time payment.

You can find the details at: