Funky Fudged Up CD/DVD Burning

Recently my burner has been acting funny. I can burn to standard CD-R and DVD-R/DVD+R but when trying to burn to CD-RW or DVD RW it goes funky and doesnt burn it. I’ve noticed that when burning onto a RW the burning software (Nero and Alcohole both do this…) state unrealistic burn speeds… for a CDrw it gives me only the option of 12 and 24 and DVDrw it gives me like 4 and 8

Normally CD’s go from 8 upwards and dvds 2.4 up. Anyway… when I choose one of those and try to burn, it doesnt do it.

Any help? Would be great to get this working again as I need to be able to transfer .wav files between home and campus.

Quote (Dyers @ June 21 2005,06:54)
Any help? Would be great to get this working again as I need to be able to transfer .wav files between home and campus.

I don't know what's wrong with your burner, but wouldn't it be easier to get one of those USB memory sticks for this task? I've seen them at Sam's Club for about $40 for a 256MB (maybe bigger)...


those USB drives are expensive in New Zealand, and they don’t hold as much as a dvd. And also I use CD-RW to put .wav files of backing tracks for the student I teach guitar to.

BUMP! Had to, I’m still having this problem.

Also I thought I’d mention I have uninstalled the drivers and re-installed them to no avail. I don’t think my drive has any special drivers and just uses standard XP drivers.

If you are sure that you burner is playing up why not just buy a new one?

Because that costs more money, this is less then a year old, and its only just started doing this which makes me think its something software and internal such as settings, rather then the hardware.

Are you using old R/W discs you’ve had around for a while? If so, maybe you should try some new discs, or even a different brand of media.

Also, have you tried upgrading the firmware for the drive? Sometimes newer firmware improves compatibility with more media. You may be able to find the latest firmware at the manufacturer’s site, or you can try googling for the drive model and the keyword “firmware”. You may know this already, but be sure to check the changelog to see what has changed from the version you currently have, and be EXTRA sure to follow firmware the flashing procedure carefully, or you can end up with a drive-sized paperweight :D


Well it started happening when I brought home a new CD-RW to put stuff on for the kid I teach guitar to. That disk wouldn’t burn, so I then tried my campus CD-RW that I use for transfering audio files back and forth and that didn’t work. And I tried my DVD-RW and that doesnt work. I’ll look on their site, but I believe I’ve already installed the latest firmware when I first got this drive a few months ago.