Funniest Blonde Jokes

A blonde buys a Coach ticket for Chicago. When she gets on the plane, she decides "I’m Blonde, I’m Beautiful, and by God, I am riding in FIRST CLASS!!!"

The Flight Attendant tries to get her to move, and she refuses. The copilot tries to get her to move back to her seat in Coach, and again she refuses. He goes back up front, and tells the Captain "What do we do? This woman won’t budge!"

The Pilot says "What does she look like?"

Copilot: "Well, she’s very pretty, and she’s Blonde."

Pilot: "Why didn’t you say so? My wife is blonde, I’ll handle this…"

He goes to the woman, whispers in her ear for a moment, and she gasps “Oh My God!”, jumps up and goes to her seat in Coach.

The flight attendant asks the Captain what he told her, and he says “I’m sorry Ma’am, but First Class isn’t going to Chicago…”