Future Toys

What’s on your wishlist?

Isn’t there always just one more bit of gear?

My wish list…

*VTB1 Preamp


A semi acoustic guitar

*or maybe one of those OLP Music Man Van Halen clones…

and a Ferrari…

* A twelve string guitar. Have my eyes on one old Yamaha with a reasonable price tag, let’s hope it’s still there when I get the money, and plays good…
* Major computer hw update. Actually, the order’s actually been made.
* Finishing the bass cab I have been building for a while, on and off.

Later, I’d like to try my hand on making instruments. Have some wood from discarded furniture for basic material. A sort of semi-acoustic lap steel would be the first, then a 12 string bolt neck electric, then a fretless five string bass with a neck through body. Time will tell if anything will happen.


Anyone who knows me will tell you I don’t plan very far ahead :)
However, I’m in the frame for a computer update at the mo.
So many Motherboards, so little time… :D

Any recommendations guys??


On the OLP - try before you buy. If that’s the $200 one I’m thinkin gof, it’s not worth spending any money on.

MarkA - I’ll sell you my jamstix licence if you want.

I would like to try a Variaxe. (sp?)

I don’t know anyone who has one so I don’t know how well they work but it seems like it might be fun to have.


Actually, I’ve taken a bit of a liking to using this little webpage:


And coming up with things like:

Things on my list of things to buy in my barely used studio -
A halfway good mic pre.
Heard a Sennheiser 421 on a guitar amp on the weekend - very nice.
Dunno if I’d like to replace my herc 16/12fw or not.
Upgrade the computer one day.


A Mackie Onyx 800R. Always more mics… I really could use some SDCs with omni and cardiod capsules ala Rode NT5 or Studio Projects C4.

Very near future wants that should come to life by the end of this summer. Top 3 will be purchased by end of summer.

Fender Telecaster- still researching (already have your recomendation)

Midi DAW controller-still researching (already have your recomendation)

FXpansion GURU-soft drum sequencer

Waves GTR 2.0 (soft effect processor and amp modeller)

Midi footcontroller

Video setup to run two monitors

An extra 19 inch LCD monitor

A half decent condesor mic for vocals and of course software so I don’t sound like a moose that swallowed a bagpipe.

And of coarse a new silicone doll to replace my blowup one.

Oh, almost forgot, a box of fig newtons.


Oh, almost forgot, a box of fig newtons.

Move those up the list Stu. Hate to see you starve to death! :D

I’m jonesin’ for a new sequencer. n-Track is getting to be too unstable for me now that I’ve dove off into MIDI world. Too much weird stuff happening to me. Any time I start tinkering more than recording I get pissed off. :(


I thought you had Adobe… Is that not cutting it MIDI wise either?

Quote (Diogenes @ May 01 2006,12:34)
I'm jonesin' for a new sequencer. n-Track is getting to be too unstable for me now that I've dove off into MIDI world.

What about a rewire device like Reason....or do you think this could open a can of worms with nTrack???

Reasons the way I'd go...

Adobe Audition can import MIDI files, but you can’t edit them, unless it’s somewhere well hidden. These is no good MIDI editor on the PC in my opinion…I’m very spoiled by what I used to could do on the Amiga. It’s a real shame.

Quote (phoo @ May 01 2006,01:40)
Adobe Audition can import MIDI files, but you can't edit them, unless it's somewhere well hidden. These is no good MIDI editor on the PC in my opinion....I'm very spoiled by what I used to could do on the Amiga. It's a real shame.

I think Cakewalk does pretty good with editing midi.......at least for the products available.

I'm pretty happy with my old Home Studio XL and bought N-Track initially because I had purchased the equalizer separately and was impressed. If N-track had a better GUI and handled midi better I would use it exclusively. As it is, I bounce around.

Quote (Bubbagump @ May 01 2006,13:21)
I thought you had Adobe.... Is that not cutting it MIDI wise either?

Nope. I have not done the 2.0 upgrade either so maybe it does MIDI? I know 1.5 will import and play MIDI files but no editor in there.

I'm looking at Cubase SL (yucky GUI) or Sonar 5. The prices keep scaring me away though... I have Cubase LE and have been doing MIDI stuff there or in PowerTracks Pro and like Kingfish, bouncing back and forth to n-Track. I'm gettin' tired of the bounce... I'm finding less and less time to do music and it irks me having to spend half that time trying to figure out why n won't work today when it DID yesterday. Maybe it's time to wipe the ol' disk and reinstall or maybe restore an old Ghost image I made right AFTER a clean install of everything?

Another sucky thing about Audition 1.5 is NO ASIO driver support. You know what that means to us EMU owners eh Bubba? I understand they have solved that with V2.0. Another good reason for me to get off my duff, check out V2.0 and see if it'll do the trick. As an audio editor and mastering tool, Adobe Audition (even 1.5) is the shiznit.


I have Cakewalk and it’s just not a good MIDI editor in my opinion. I have to say that it is one of the best I’ve tried on the PC…I’m SOOOOO spoiled. :)

'K guys, fess up - who is this MIDI feller?

Hrm, I though Adobe was a audio/MIDI deal like the rest try to be. Shoot. I had high hopes for it too. I still use Cakewalk ProAudio 9 for my MIDI stuff.

He’s a pretty handy guy to have around IF/WHEN you can get 'im to do what you want. :p

D – I confess. I’m a MIDI noob… but I like it! I like it!