FX's disappearing

Hi Hope you can help me. About 3 or 4 times over the last month the FX’s in N-track have appeared red. When I close the song and re-open it the FX have disappeared from the track. The send envelopes are still there, but the FX themselves have gone from the Aux’s.

Super annoying, I’m having to take photo’s of my mixer to remember what fx were on there otherwise I loose them for good.

Happened again today. It seems to be that if I put my pc to sleep leaving N-track open when I return to N-track it says my pc can’t cope with the number of VST’s and then removes them without giving me the option to save them. Very frustrating. I now have to remember to never let my pc sleep with N-track open. There is no issues with my pc being able to cope with the number of FX’s as it is a vbrand new pc and I’m running 2 or three fx on the song that just lost them. It seems to be something to do with N-track not liking to be left running while the pc goes to sleep.

Thanks for reporting the issue. Are the plugins bridged? Bridged plugins have a [nBridge] sign next to their name in the effects list.
Plugins are automatically bridged if you load a 32 bit plugin in the 64 bit version of n-Track, or if you activate the ‘Add new plugins with nBridge’ option (which is unchecked by default) located in the track right-click menu -> Effects -> Add effect -> Customize… box.


Hi sorry to take so long to reply. It’s taken a while for it to happen again. Happened to day. I took a screen shot just before. You’ll see the fx appear in red. I’ve seen them do this on Bridge as you mentioned, but in this instance there is no bridge fx. It happened after I accidentally put y pc into sleep mode with N-track still open. It only seems to occur when I put the pc in sleep mode. Work around is for me to remember to save the file and shut down N-track before I put pc into sleep. Tad annoying to do this, but at least it preserves the fx. I can’t see how to attach an image to the forum so I’ll email the screen shot into the contact address as an FYI.

mortified to say that N-track has done it again, this time on a different track. I have also emailed you a screen shot of this. This time it did it without me putting my pc to sleep. It just decided to do go wrong mid editing… It’s so soul d4estroying to loose hours of work.