Fx not saving once shared with app

Fx not saving once shared with app

Fx not saving once shared with app. N-track multitrack daw for android. Have succeeded on average one in ten times for tracks to be shared on gmail or soundcloud with reverb still on. One track. I keep it simple. Where am I going wrong? Cheers

For such a huge product I find it difficult to get my head around no answers to this issue anywhere online. I’ve bought all the additional apps. I’ve used different devices. I do not understand why it’s such a huge huge deal for me to upload a one track track with some simple reverb on.


I’m not sure if I understand what you mean. Did you succeed in adding a reverb effect to the track? Once you’ve recorded a track you can simply tap on the black effects list box on the left side of the track, the effects list pane will appear, you can then tap the + button and select Reverb from the list of available effects.
You should now hear the reverb on the track during playback. When you select the Share command the audio you share will be identical to what you hear during playback.
If you still have difficulties please let me know what exactly goes wrong following the steps I’ve listed.