Gaps or delays in playback

Gaps or delays in playback

I am getting some gaps and delays in my playback, but I am sure it is not my machine. I have a 3.6 GHz machine and I am only playing back 5 tracks. Once I mixdown, everything seems to be OK (i.e. no gaps), but I am wondering if this is normal for this program?


Not sure exactly what you mean by gaps and delays but it sounds like a buffer setting issue.
It sounds like your system is not able to stream the audio data off uyour HDD fast enough for the latency/buffers you have it currently set to.

What soundcard and soundcard driver are you using? (MME, WDM, ASIO, etc.)
Also what do you have your buffers set at?

Try and use WDM or ASIO if you can and trying increasing the buffers.