Garritan Perosnal Orch.

I don’t know how it compares, but it kicks butt in my book. Sorry can’t be of more help.


I am thinking very heavily of buying Garritan. How does it compare to East West Silver Symphonic? How does it compare to the gold edition of the same name? I own Silver and was seriously thinking of upgrading to Gold, but I have not been totally thrilled with some of the instrument samples. Is Garritan high quality? 16 bit or 24 bit? Let me know what you all think, as I intend to buy it this week. Thanks everyone.


GPO is CD quality, not 24 bits. I have heard always good things about the librarys you mention, but…very high prices. If you have that money, take a look to the Garritan Strings and the Sonic Implants librarys too

Edit: Another library that is impressive and is so affordable like GPO: KirkHunter Emerald

The East West library is very good. I don’t know how worth the upgrade to Gold it is. I mean, the Gold library is gigantic, it’s like 9 DVDs or something crazy like that. From a value stand point, I don’t think you will beat Garritan. Silver and Garritan are at the same price point and I htink Garritan has more instruments better than Silver, but the Silver does have that Gold 19 piece Violin section which is gorgeous. Persoanlly, I would keep Silver and mix it with Garritan for a spectacular bang for the buck. I think what GArritan lacks (which is isn’t much) the Silver fills in nicely. Garritan’s solo instruments for the most part smoke everything in Silver and Silver has some very good percussion and ensemble patches. Mix the two and be happy.

Thanks bubba. I had purchased motu symphonic instrument and could not get it to work - just got static - and everything else I own works fine - what a dissapointment.

Yeah, I am trying to have just about any and every instrument (orchestral) at my disposal when the need arises. I just got finished making a piece and it came out very nice, but to be honest, I think some of the Silver instruments could be better. One of my physical keyboards has sample roms that were recorded in a world class Sony facility and it’s obvious in how good it sounds. Silver doesn’t sound as good - but the percussion is awesome. Stormdrums, made by the same company is the best I have ever heard in that BIG cinema sound.

Looks like I will buy Garritan over upgrading to Gold - is that the general consensus here? That garritan is better than east west gold edition? I can buy Garritan for $175-$200 from american music supply (and with another purchase, I can then split the payments easily into three - I like that). They price-match, so many times I can get something a bit cheaper through them as long as I can find proof that someone else has it cheaper.

I thank you all for your advice.


I don’t know about better than Gold. I mean, the Gold product is very good. i just think bang for the buck Garritan with the Silver is a very good comination and will save you $1000. Some of the Gold fesatures Garritan cannot match, but the Garritan package is excellent in the solo instruments.

This page at least convinced me it’s good enough for soundtrack work…

Oooo, the Liberace museum… That’s on my list right after the biggest ball of twine in Minnesota…

Can GPO be used as a vsti instrument within N-track like sampletank. I have been wanting to upgrade my samples and GPO sounds VERY good. But I sure don’t want to learn another recording app.

Yes, it works as a VSTi and is based on the the Native INstruments Kontakt player. Take a gander.

Thanks Bubba,
I have a big enough computer but I noticed they listed Win-SP and I am on windows 2000 is this a problem?
Man your christmas CD sounds were really great.

I haven’t used it on anything but Windows XP, so I don’t know. I would suggest you talk a tip over the the Garritan forum and ask around. Gary Garritan is on the forum a lot as is his head programmer Tom. They are both very helpful.

Garritan forum

Thanks Bubba

I do have one complaint about GPO - the NI sampler is not exactly full-featured - so it makes it sort of hard to mangle the samples - the point of the GPO is to help achieve realism I know, but sometimes I don’t want realism…

Well, in that case you want to move up to the full version of Kontakt. I mean, what you have is called the Kontakt player. You can mangle all day with the full version of Kontakt. Get a demo version here.

I have Kontakt 2 and it is EXTREMELY good. Not much you can’t do - and it acts as a vsti - so, for example, I use East West Storm Drums and Silver Symphonic collections in my productions within N-Track and FL Studio with zero problems.


P.S. I believe mangling is supported in Kontakt 2 (lol)

YIKES. 579 clams… WOW.

Yes, mangling does seem to be supported, along with everything else. :)

Snaps, I didn’t realize the full version was that much. Wasn’t Kontakt 1 a lot less?

I have a dilemma now. After telling everyone I have Kontakt 2 - I realized that it came with 15GB of samples - and a good 8 GB chunk of that is a small version of a complete Vienna Symphonic Collection Orchestra. I recently went over the sounds and they are PRISTINE!!! Now, here I am, I have East West Symphonic Orchestra Silver and now, as it turns out, a very nice Vienna Orchestra. Do I even need to buy Garritan, or am I well represented on the orchestral front.

Oh, and I also have a Korg Karma and Technics KN7000 - both have TONS of orchestral patches that are quite good.

If anyone can think of a reason why I should get Garritan, I would be very thankful to hear why. Otherwise, I will concentrate my money in other sonic areas!!!

Thanks again for your advice!