Gawd help me please!

I’ve tried everything I know

I’ve tried many sound cards, reinstalling Win98, disabling everything except what win needs to run, upgraded memory, changed cpu brand, enabled DMA on harddrive and other win recording tips I’ve been told, and still have the same problem.

Recording works fine,
I can get many tracks in stereo or mono, so no prob there.
But I’m getting leg or timing problems.
I record the first track (lets call it trk1) and play it back, sounds fine.
I overdub a second track (trk2) with the same exact audio (drum machine beat) and the timing is off from trk1. The tracks sound perfectly good but the timing is different on trk2 compared to trk1, by a large amount. For the first few seconds of playback they match up perfectly and then after about 10 secs they start sounding off by a few milisecs, then about 20 secs later it sounds waaay off in timing, even though they are the same EXACT beat at the same tempo, etc.

Another example of the problem…
I rec guitar to trk1, play it back and sounds great.
Then overdub bass to a new track (trk2), play it back and sounds good for a few seconds and then the timing slowly starts slewing off course and it gets worst the longer the tracks are.

The leg indicator is showing either positive numbers or negitive depending on what I select under the Use System Timer setting, but no matter what combination I select between those two checkboxes it still is showing leg, either pos or neg in value, usually around -2200 or +500 and the numbers just keep growing in size the longer I record.

I’m using ntrack v2.3, but I’ve tried other versions, and even other multitrack software, they all have the problem.

I’ve tried many sound blaster cards, maestro, soundport (built in and external card version) and other sound cards. They all have this problem, some worst than others for some reason.

I’ve tried sound cards with onboard clocks and others without.
I’ve tried many different sampling rates and even the ones the cards work best at or were made for mostly.

Please help, ideas, anything?!
I’ve posted my system specs in my last post.
Man this is killing me.

by chance are you using a creative labs sound card?


Quote (idover @ June 21 2005,17:33)
by chance are you using a creative labs sound card?


Yes, but I have tried other brands/sound cards also. I've tried over 6 sound cards now ranging from pci to isa, some with onboard clocks and others not. All of them are giving me the same problem, so I don't think it's the soundcard?

In preferences set your timer to wav and untick system timer.

If using SB Live, set your sample rate to 48000

What driver are you using? If using MME try using WDM or ASIO.

What specs are your PC and hard drive?