gdi32.dll and quartz.dll lockups

I know this is sounds vague but when mixing down, I get a lockup when I arbitrarily use one of my Hyperprism dx plugins with failures occurring in modules quartz.dll or gdi32.dll. It doesn’t happen every time I’m working but it’s been happeneing with enough frequency to start to irk me now. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled both n-track ( from version 4.02 to 4.04 beta) and my plugins and it’s still locking up on me. I was just wondering if quartz32.dll and/or gdi32.dll are exclusive .dlls to n-track or if they’re part of Windows. If they are Windows .dlls, should I try downloading newer versions? It’s obvious that the two .dlls are either corrupted now or won’t work right.

They are Windows files. It’s doutful that either are simply corrupted or LOTS of stuff in Windows won’t work.

Wasn’t Quartz a plugin set released years ago, bundled with the maxistudio cards? Could be that quartz.dll is causing a conflict with Hyperprism.

Might be wrong though.

Quartz is the dll runtime for DirectShow. It has a bunch of MIDI stuff in it. It could have been installed by any app in the past as part of the DirectX runtime instllation. It’s in the OS now and has been for a long time. That doesn’t mean other apps won’t try to install what they consider to be a “newer” version.

Which OS are you on, Fritz? If you are on WinXp, you can delete (from a command line move them but don’t delete them, though you’ll probably get a “file in use” error) or rename those dll and Windows Software File Protection will restore it, unless SFP has been disabled.