gear demo vid - syncing discussion

hey all, here’s a short video i did trying out my new Boss RC-3 Loop Station. I recorded the audio with n-track and put that with the video;

not too bad here because the footage is of the pedals and the vid is pretty short but I have tried this before with longer songs with video of me actually playing the guitar and the recorded ausio in n-track is a different length to the original vid.
you can see the sync gradually sliding as the video plays.
anyone know why this is and good ways to fix?
i guess the video timestamp (crystal) and pc one are a bit different. I’d like to do a few demo vids but this is frustrating. I am going to try the n-track speed change thing to just slightly tweak the n-track audio length to line up with the vid. Is there an easier way???

I don’t know the answer to your question but I’ll be one of those annoying people who says it works fine here.
Hopefully that, at least, should give you encouragement.

I’ve sync’d video and audio from different sources on many occasions. Usually they are concerts that are over an hour long.
Once I’ve got the sync right at the beginning it’s fine right up to the end.
I’m not convinced it’s different clock rates - that would be a serious drift to notice over just a few minutes.

You’re not using mp3 audio are you? I know there have sometimes been problems with sync when people do song collaborations.

One thing I’ve found is that it’s vital to have a good audio and visual cue at the start of the video so you can sync the two.
I’ve also found that keeping the audio from the camera, if available, is also useful for syncing.
You can mute it when done.

Great fun those loopers, eh?
I used to have the Akai Headrush but ended up selling it to buy something else.
The GT-8 though… love mine. It’s a keeper.
I’ve use the Boss multi-effect units for 20 years now.
I had a brief foray into the world of Digitech.
Didn’t last long.

Well I have it pretty synchronised at the start but it gets more and more out over say 4 minutes. Pretty sure I used a wav but maybe it was an MP3. Will try again. Possibly my video cam is a bit rubbish and therefore doesn’t time too accurately? Anyway, Re. the problem (if it persists next time I try) I was thinking there might be a program where you could cut a wav file, then force it to a set length and have it resampled and all. Kind of like when you resize an image and it interpolates etc so it looks the same (without missing too many bits).

Yeah just got the looper. Fun to mess with at home, but I really want to try to use it live using the “one shot” feature, kind of like a sampler, for backing guitar bits in solos, intros etc. Will see how it goes at my gig next weekend.

Love my GT8 too. It is on its last legs but I never upgraded to the GT10 because it didn’t seem much of an improvement. Was hoping to make it to a GT12, but don’t know if there’ll be one.

Yeah, ditto on the GT-8 and GT-10.

As for resizing the audio/wav, yes you can do it. There’s a FAQ here - that describes how to transfer songs from a 4 track tape to ntrack but using only a two input audio interface.

In particular it is concerned with aligning the tracks and dealing with the inevitable differences in length due to tape drift. In your case it’s a slightly different problem but the principle is the same and you could adopt the process.