General Noob MIDI Q:

New to MIDI over here… and the question is this: What is the sequence of events taking place when laying down MIDI drums? Is this right-

Mouse notes into Piano Roll>
Apply sounds from a sampled source via synth (hardware of software)>
“Record” this to a MIDI Track>
Add to session and mixdown to wave file?

I know I’m asking for full seminar here! But if someon’es got the quick layman’s lowdown on it, it’d be great. I just wonder if maybe I shouldn’t be using some similar technique… I’ve got a composer house-mate upstairs from my studio. It’ isn’t very soundproofed, and I’d like to keep relationships on the up-side!

Thanks for your time and concise responses to a middle-aged carpenter.

Not quite. A MIDI track contains MIDI events, not audio. So what happens is, you record the MIDI events (or put them in manually through the piano roll.) and then use those events to trigger some sort of sound source (A sampler, VSTi, synth, whatever.) Then if you want, you can then record the out put of the sound device. However, when using VSTis, there is no need to re-record the sound out put as N-track treats it as if it were a regular audio track in a mix down.

Aaaahh, so I don’t actually need a hardware synth to do MIDI? I can “write” into Piano Roll, apply a soft-synth, and assign it to a track. Geez, how much fun is that!

I have this pretty much right now?

Got to say I’m still a bit blurry on how I’d record what I’d written on the gear I’m using (US-428 doesn’t seem friendly with recording back into itself), but if n-Track handles it, that’s cool, until I get that together. I will do some reading on it. Thanks for your help!

set up a midi track, set up a audio track. insert a vsti into the audio channel. open up the midi track properties, set the output to the vsti. Now any midi notes done on the midi track will be sent through the vsti and you can record it. to hear the synth while you play on the midi rollout (you can only hear it during playback) turn on on the LIVE input.

Allright. (Resolute:) I’m going to do MIDI.